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About Us

The Mission of the Ludington Area Senior Center is to:

  • Promote "healthy aging" by providing an opportunity for the productive and satisfying use of leisure time
  • Create an environment where individual differences and needs are recognized
  • Develop quality programs and services to enhance and meeting those need
  • Serve as a bridge between other agencies and services for baby boomers and seniors

Ludington Area Senior Center Goals:

  • Develop recreational activities, which will provide opportunities for socialization, entertainment, and a sense of belonging
  • Develop educational programs designed to stimulate members to new areas of interest and provide opportunities for regaining skills and knowledge
  • Develop creative activities, which will facilitate self-expression, achievement, and recognition
  • Facilitate independent living through supportive services and counseling
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful volunteer work and community service
  • Promote the physical and emotional well being of the elderly
  • Serve as an information and referral center
  • Provide and interpret facts about aging, and the lives of older people in the community